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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

At Age 11, He Built His Own Radio Station -- But Now, He's the CEO of His Own Tech Company

Kelvin Doe, founder of KDoe-Tech Inc

How does a young man from a small town in Sierra Leone become the CEO of his own tech company? Kelvin Doe can tell you it's all about using your passion for engineering and being focused.

Top 7 Black-Owned Swimwear/ Bikini Brands

Black-owned swimwear and bikinis

Not all swimsuits are the same, just as not all bodies are alike. Buying a swimsuit is like buying a pair of jeans. There are so many brands and styles on the market, and no two fit alike. These top 7 swimsuit and bikini companies are black-owned, and they have designs to fit any woman from a small, athletic body to a full-figure women with lots of curves.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Black Entrepreneur Sells His Tech Firm for $20 Million

Darrell S. Freeman, founder of Zycron, Inc.
Darrell S. Freeman, founder of Zycron, Inc.
One of the largest Black-owned businesses in the nation just sold for a whopping $20 million. Zycron Inc., a customer-focused information technology services and solutions firm in Nashville, Tennessee, founded by Darrell S. Freeman, was bought by BG Staffing Inc.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Oldest Black-Owned Business in the U.S.

E.E. Ward Moving and Storage Company

The U.S. Department of Commerce recently recognized a Columbus, Ohio business as being the oldest African-American owned business in the United States. This year, they celebrated 134 continuous years in business. Can you guess what company it is?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

10-Year Old Raises $20K for His Invention That Prevents Child Hot Car Deaths

Bishop Curry, founder of Oasis which prevents hot car child deaths
Bishop Curry, founder of Oasis which prevents hot car child deaths
Bishop Curry is a 10-year old 5th grader from McKinney, Texas, and he's also the inventor of a prototype device that is designed to prevent children from dying in hot cars. His lifesaving device is called Oasis, and it attaches to children's car seats. If it senses that a child has been left behind in the seat, it will start to blow out cool air until the child is rescued.

Monday, April 17, 2017

8-Year Old Twin Siblings Launch New Bottled Water Company for Kids

Brazil and Princeton Dowe, 8-year old founders of Water 2 Kids
Brazil and Princeton Dowe are the 8-year old founders of Water 2 Kids
You don't have to be a grown-up to be an entrepreneur. These 8-year-old twins from New York City are only in the second grade, yet they have started their own company, Water 2 Kids, bottling water just for kids.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Black-Owned Coffee Chain Owned By These Two Brothers Now Has 10 Locations -- How Did They Do It?

Ngozi and Chijioke Dozie, founders of Cafe Neo
Ngozi and Chijioke Dozie, founders of Café Neo
Café Neo opened in 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria, and was an overnight success. All it took was two very keen entrepreneurs (who are also brothers) to recognize the potential and capitalize on it.

Monday, April 10, 2017

The First Ever Black-Owned Gym For Women in This Country is About More Than Just Fitness!

Black-owned Fit Clique gym for women in Uganda

Mixed gyms are common in the U.S. but not in other countries, like Uganda. Men in Uganda do not welcome women exercising with them and also object to their wearing exercise clothes. So one female entrepreneur decided to open the country's first ever Black-owned gym that's exclusively for women. What inspired her, though, went far beyond exercise!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

12-Year Old Chef Tavia Wins $10K on Food Network Show

Chef Tavia Isaac

12-year old Tavia Isaac from Chester, Pennsylvania, had a big secret that she had to keep for four months. The secret was that she was chosen as the top winner on Food Network’s “Chopped Junior” show but she couldn't tell anyone until the showed aired four months later back in August 2016. She won $10,000, and officially earned her title as a chef.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Black-Owned Magazine Publisher Celebrates Her 2nd Year of Publishing -- Catering to the Textured, Natural, Curly Hair Market

Angela Turner, founder of Curls, Twists, Coils, & Kinks Magazine
Angela Turner, founder of Curls, Twists, Coils, & Kinks Magazine
A.Turner Publishing is a Las Vegas, Nevada based Black-owned magazine publishing company, founded by entrepreneur and native New Yorker, Angela Turner. The company publishes Curls, Twists, Coils, & Kinks Magazine - a hair care magazine that caters exclusively to the hair care needs of the textured/curly hair community.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

This Black-Owned Tech Company Signed Up 2 Million Customers in Less Than 2 Months

PesaLink founders in Kenya
Founders of PesaLink, a tech company based in Kenya
A Black-owned tech company in Kenya, Integrated Payment Services Limited (IPSL), has recently launched a new money transfer service called PesaLink that has grown tremendously in just a short period of time. In less than two months, 2 million banks customers have signed up for their service.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Black-Owned Potato Chip Brand Takes Off -- Sells About 12,000 Bags a Month!

Pascal Murasira, founder of Minnaz Potato Chips in Rwanda
Pascal Murasira, founder of Minnaz Potato Chips
Pascal Murasira is co-founder of Minnaz Potato Chips, the first producer of potato chips in Rwanda. The company started in 2014 and now sells about 12,000 bags of potato chips every month.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Black Entrepreneur Launches Madagascar's First Ever Pizza Joint -- Now the Country's Largest Fast Food Restaurant Chain

Chef Mbinina, founder of Gastronomie Pizza in Madagascar
Chef Mbinina, founder of Gastronomie Pizza in Madagascar
La Gastronomie Pizza is Madagascar's first ever pizza joint. Now it is also the country's largest fast food outlet. Owner Chef Mbinina worked hard to build his brand in a country where there are no fast food brands.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Black-Owned 24-Hour Donut Cafe Shaking Up the Industry -- But Why Donuts?

Edose Ohen, founder of Glazed The Doughnut Cafe
Edose Ohen, founder of Glazed The Doughnut Cafe
Edose Ohen, a Nigerian-American entrepreneur from Houston, Texas, has been shaking up the pastry industry ever since he opened Glazed The Doughnut Cafe - the area's first Black-owned 24 hour donut cafe. He started the business back in 2014, and now he has two locations in the city serving handmade glazed donuts, glazed sandwiches and gourmet coffee.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Started out as a Makeup Artist, and Then Launched Her Own Makeup Line Now Worth $1 Million

Suzie Beauty was created by entrepreneur Suzie Wokabi, a US-trained makeup artist who runs her business in Kenya and initially found it hard to source quality makeup for her work. This motivated her to create her own makeup line. She struggled to receive financing for several years, using her home as a laboratory for her makeup collection. But now, her company is worth over $1 million.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Black College Student Finds Sweet Success Selling Dessert-Like Candles

Dominique Shawn Norwood, founder of Doms Dessert Candles
Dominique Shawn Norwood, founder of Dom's Dessert Candles
Dominique Shawn Norwood from South Orange-Maplewood, New Jersey, is a college student at William Paterson University, but she is also the CEO and Founder of Dom's Dessert Candles. Her company produces candles that look like delicious desserts - with delicious flavors that vary from strawberry shortcake to apple pie to banana cheesecake to peach cobbler and many more.

Black-Owned Couture Bridal Wear Brand Develops Huge Following -- Helping Women Say "I Do"

Yemi Osunkoya, founder of Black-owned Bridal Wear Brand Kosibah
Yemi Osunkoya, founder of Kosibah Creations
Every bride wants to look amazing on her wedding day, and it takes a special designer to make every bride beautiful, no matter what their size. One fashion designer is winning all kinds of awards and gaining an excellent reputation for making every bride look fabulous. His name is Yemi Osunkoya, and the name of his couture bridal wear brand is Kosibah Creations.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Once Struggling Black-Owned Doll Company Now Sells About 9,000 "Queens" and "Princesses" a Month

Taofick Okoya, founder of Queens of Africa
Taofick Okoya, founder of Queens of Africa dolls
Queens of Africa is Nigeria's first major line of fashion dolls created by local entrepreneur, Taofick Okoya. The company is so successful that they sell around 9,000 dolls each month.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

21-Year Old Kenyan Entrepreneur Launches Safi Pads - Affordable Reusable Sanitary Pads For Low Income Women

In 2013, 21-year-old Kenyan entrepreneur Barclay Paul Okari noticed problems caused by the unavailability of sanitary pads for teenage girls in the rural settlements of Western Kenya, Eastern Uganda and Southern Sudan. So, he decided to make a product that was half the market price of commercial sanitary pads on the market.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Successful Black Women in Business Do These 3 Things Differently

Billion Dollar Boss bookcover

The fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America today are African American women. Businesses owned by black women have increased to over 300 percent since 1997, according to American Express Open's 2015 State of Women-Owned Business Report. What makes this group so successful? They do some things differently.

From High School Dropout to Teen Mom to Millionaire -- How Did She Do It?

Stormy Wellington

Stormy Wellington was raised in Miami, Florida, where her mother worked the streets for a living, leaving her to be raised by others, including her brothers, family and friends. She was in and out of foster homes, even dealt in drugs and worked as a stripper. But all that ended for her the day she realized she could do better - much better.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

2017 Black Enterprise Small Business Awards Now Open

Black Enterprise Small Business Awards
Previous Black Enterprise Small Business awards winner

Black Enterprise is seeking entries for its annual Small Business Awards, which provides special recognition to African American entrepreneurs who embody the entrepreneurial spirit. The magazine wants to honor companies and individuals who are bringing new products to the forefront, redefining sales strategies, and discovering new and profitable markets.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

This Black-Owned Barbershop Has Been in Business For 40 Years

Snazzy's Barbershop in Aiken, South Carolina

Snazzy's Barbershop sits right on Barnwell Ave NE in Aiken, South Carolina. It's the oldest Black-owned business in Aiken County and will soon be in business for 40 years. But it's more than just a place to get your hair cut. Snazzy's is a historic landmark in the local community.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

17-Year Old Becomes First Black Student to Win Google Hacking Competition

Collins Nji, first Black student to win Google hacking competition

In 2016, during a comptition Google Code-In, Google rewarded hackers more than $3 million in 2016 for reporting vulnerabilities in the tech giant's software and devices. At just 17 years old, Collins Nji from Cameroon was the first Black student to win the competition.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Black-Owned Smart Shoe Line Has Bluetooth Capabilities That Can Connect to Smart Phones and Tablets

Babajide Ipaye, founder of Keexs Smart Shoes
(center) Entrepreneur Jide Ipaye, founder of the Keexs smart shoe

Move over Nike and make room for Keexs, an Africa-inspired unisex footwear brand and the first smart shoe in Africa that has a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Even more importantly, the new sneakers brand creates jobs and also helps poor people in Nigeria.